A Rustic Addition

Hey, hey—friends and family, it’s me again. Since I’ve been living above the Arctic Circle, I’ve occasionally updated this blog with my latest life adventures. I know my last post was more than six months ago, but I promise to be better about writing more frequently. Sometimes, it’s difficult just to get to civilization, let alone civilization that actually has working Internet, but I’ll make the effort. A lot has been happening over the last several months, but one of the first things I want to tell you about is the new addition to my cabin—some beautiful ___.

rustic barn lights

It was the craziest thing. I looked around my 400-square-foot cabin and decided that it was too dark. The last time I visited Inuvik, I was updating my blog at a little Internet café when an ad popped up for ___. I dismissed it at first, but I couldn’t get the thought out of my head that this ___ might be just what my little cabin needed. Right then and there, I ordered some ___ online. That was back in December, and it’s now July. So, the story is this—

The ___ came in two boxes that were shipped by airplane from California to Alaska. After arriving in Sitka, a helicopter pilot flew them to Inuvik, Canada. By this time, it was February. The boxes sat around for two more months in the post office, until one day the clerk decided to see why no one had picked them up. He was able to discover my whereabouts after doing some research and asking around at the Internet café. Ultimately, he came to the decision to hire this nomad named Hunger (no joke) to journey out to me. He gave Hunger snow shoes and other supplies to help with his mission. Well, along the way, Hunger got so cold that he had to stop and recuperate at my nearest neighbor’s log house, about 83 miles away from me.

rustic light from jumper cable

Miss Indigo, who owns the log house, fed him and took care of him for about a month, until the frost bite dissipated and he was ready to venture out again, this time using Miss Indigo’s dogsled. A week ago, he finally arrived at my cabin and helped me install my new ___. Thanks to Hunger, the old cabin is now a much brighter place. It feels like home. I let Hunger stay in my cabin for a week before he made his trek back to Inuvik. I couldn’t let him make the journey alone again, so I traveled back with him on my dogsled as a way to thank him. That’s how I ended up back in this Internet café, where I’m updating my blog, telling you my story about ___.

Installing Industrial Style Lighting Fixtures

The other day, one of my friends asked me to suggest a great ___  to use on her home. She sent me some photos of her house and told me to recommend a fixture that would fit nicely with the structure’s design scheme. Her home has a vintage aesthetic and she wanted a light that would complement it well. I told her I wanted to feature her home and my recommendations for ___  on my blog, so that others might benefit from my advice.

Electric Style Barn Lights

This is only one of many pictures she sent me, and—full disclosure—she has kind of a creepy home. I wanted to find some really cool ___  that would perfectly suit the place while crucially giving it some much-needed warmth. I browsed through a plethora of lighting fixtures. Once I’d finally sorted through them all, I ended up with three awesome recommendations.

VINTAGE LIGHTS SHADES electric barn light pegasus-gooseneck-1408-BR48-FRB-7-BR47

I chose these three ___  because of their chic, yet welcoming vibe. As soon as I found them, I knew instantly that they were going to be perfect. I wanted to make sure that my friend would like them too, so I sent her these pictures just before sharing them with you. She loved them.

The first one is a ceiling light that would fit in the living room, which can be seen immediately upon entering the house. The silver gooseneck light is ideal for installation throughout the house and can easily be mounted on any of the walls. The third light I’ve included is a flat brown wall sconce, which I envision going outside by the front and back doors and inside flanking the fireplace. All of these lights work exceptionally well, both with the house and with each other. These lights are all reasonably priced and can add the style and “X-factor” that you seek for your space.